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Our Objectives

Mechanical engineering is the compilation of a broad range of knowledge and technology that has advanced as the engineering that contributes to monozukuri , which has come to be the foundation of manufacturing. These days, society is looking for engineers and researchers who can both operate and protect by taking a new look at such themes as harmony with nature, cooperation between man and machines and the efficient utilization of resources and energy to create gthingsh that are beneficial to the social well-being of mankind and enhance the convenience of our lifestyles. The following shows the results of a comparison of the learning and educational objectives of the Mechanical Engineering Program of our Mechanical Engineering DepartmentD

(A)Nurturing the ability to consider issues from a multilateral viewpoint.@
Here we cultivate deep insight into harmony with nature and the conciliation of man and machine as we nurture the development of engineers who can carefully consider and take action on issues facing mankind and society, as well as issues facing mechanical engineering, from a variety of perspectives.

(B) Acquiring engineering theory and nurturing it.
Students gain an understanding of the affects and effects of mechanical engineering on society and nature, and are nurtured to be socially responsible engineers capable of making the proper decisions.

(C) Learning fundamental skills in mathematics, natural science and information technology.
Students will gain an understanding of mechanical engineering and learn how to apply the necessary fundamentals of mathematics, natural science and information technology for its utilization.

(D) Acquiring mechanical engineering knowledge and nurture the ability to apply it.
Students will gain a broad understanding of mechanical engineering and nurture the ability to respond to a wide range of issues, including those in the area of mechanical engineering.

(E) Nurturing the ability for creativity and design.
Students will learn to develop individual thinking and the ability for creative problem-solving by searching for their own issues and using various disciplines, technologies and information to solve them.

(F) Nurturing the ability to communicate.
Students will cultivate fundamental communication skills in order to have the ability to state, persuade and debate onefs own opinions to others as an engineer using the necessary Japanese, and to do so at an international level using English.



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