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Ogi Keiji
@ professor and chair
Mankind has pursued innovations in science and technology believing that they would bring about improvements in the safety and comfort of our lifestyles.

Unfortunately, it has become clear that the products of science and technology are causing environmental destruction on a global scale to the point that we are damaging the future our descendents. In order to provide mankind with a prosperous future, we in the 21st century must carefully position our manufacturing activities in a matter cycle that respects all forms of life, and with the cooperation of many fields of science, including the social sciences, continue to search for harmony between mankind and the environment.

Mechanical engineering is the academic discipline that forms the foundation for monozukuri - the art of manufacturing. This is the field that is supporting our modern industrialized society by serving as the source for man-made items and by making developments that encompass an array of different disciplines, such as information technology. Mechanical engineers have used their intense desire to create even better machines and their solid understanding of mechanical engineering to provide us with high-performance "tools," such as convenient and comfortable transport equipment. So long as mankind continues to hold onto its tools, this fundamental aim of technology will remain unchanged. However, as the motives and value perceptions of these technological developments change, they will lead to fresh creations that will clearly indicate the direction of monozukuri engineering as well as the body of knowledge needed by a socially aware engineer, and we in the Department of Mechanical Engineering consider it our mission to continue to pass this spirit on to future generations.


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