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The Department of Mechanical Engineering is comprised of three courses: mechanical systems, energy conversion and manufacturing systems, with education and research being conducted aimed at the development of new mechanical engineering with a particular focus on the further development of professional engineers that can apply these disciplines.

Our department offers far more than the traditional field of study. It takes an extremely broad view that spans from the study of living organisms to exploring the vast reaches of outer space as it develops the engineering that supports monozukuri with the aim of enhancing the lifestyle of all people. Therefore, we encourage our students' desire to advance in the field of mechanical engineering, and to that end we keep class sizes small so that they will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental subject matter. This is followed by lectures, exercises and the creation of plans and designs aimed at the practice of the essential general methodologies and the acquisition of knowledge and techniques from a broad range of fields, such as communication engineering, where there currently continues to be remarkable advancements, and further evolves through graduate research.

Many of our graduates continue their research in graduate school, deepening their understanding of mechanical engineering and enhancing their problem-solving abilities. And those students who are employed after graduation are able to select the path that best matches their abilities from among numerous opportunities in all fields of manufacturing.

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